Basic Autocad

Machine parts Drawings & Design

Language : English

On Premise : Rs 4500/-

Online : Rs 1500/-

What will I Learn?

Master the skills of Digital Drawing in Auto cad

Improve efficiency in analytics

Have a great satisfaction of achieving new skills

Includes access till course completion

Access on Mobile

Exclusive user


Knowledge of




2 per day

(30 Assignments)

1 Final test

(100 Marks)




  • You need to have latest version of Auto cad loaded on your machine.

  • You just need to have basic knowledge of Drawing

  • We recommend Autocad 2018

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is interested to shape up their knowledge in Autocad

Course Content:

1) Introduction – Line

2) Line circle – Line & circle tangent

3) Arc, Edit, Trim, Delete, Extend.

4) Practice line, circle, trim, delete, extend.

5) Offset, Copy, Move.

6) Practice exercises.

7) Polyline, Construction line, Polygons, Rectangle, Multilane.

8) Explode, Array, Chamfer fillets, Mirror.

9) Practice Exercises, Hatch.

10) Line types, line colors, changing properties.

11) Practice exercises.

12) Dimensions Linear, Polar, leader, Aligned.

13) Dimension Styles, Overricles, settings, tolerances.

14) Text, Single line, Multiline, Textstyles.

15) Layous, Concept, setting, New layour.

16) Practice Drawings, Blocks, Wblocks.

17) Drawing 3 Dimensional, Vpoint, Hide.

18) Practice on 3 D drawing.